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Computational BIM Architect - data-driven algorithmic design

Computational BIM Architect

Data-driven algorithmic design

I believe, that architecture is a reflection of people. In the past the bonds between people and a local architecture were stronger, as communities were less multicultural, without an access to the global resources. Now everything is possible, architectural design reaches out for the future through our minds and hands. However, the context of each space, created within the centuries, should remain its genius locci and be respected. Possibilities are vast - appreciating the local culture, history and design is not set to a few paths, but instead is a maze, where we should guide both: clients and users of buildings. I always valued nature as the indispensable part of a good project. Only the living thing can fulfill the dream of an architecture, that lives forever. Nevertheless, evolution is our collective identity. The neverending pursuit of perfection and innovation is the key to keep moving and to strive for the best architecture. I am mastering the most contemporary designing tools and techniques (visual programming + BIM), as the process of creation is my vocation and passion.

I had summer internships in Spain 2011 at DNA Barcelona Architects and Lebanon 2012 at ACE in Beirut. Next I worked almost a year at CDF Architekci studio in Poznan, Poland. After receiving Master of Architecture and Urban Planning diploma with distinction in 2013, my goals led me to China. I commenced at CDG Group in Changzhou, later got employed in Shanghai at VAST Design 2014 and team+ 2015. After working at PlusSpace office for a short time, I decided to move to Australia.

Parametric Design Programming Data analysis Animating, algorithms

Parametric Design

Programming, data analysis, animating, algorithms

Luckily, I have found my true passion at the professional work so early after a Master Degree. This passion is Visual Programming. For me parametric design adds time as another factor, making it a 4D design, one step ahead of 3D. The amazing, futuristic features and core values of the architecture I like to call archessentials. Follow my blog: Archessentialism to be updated with my newest professional and parametric design. I am sure, that parametrism as an art of design will generate in the future animations in which this one frame will become a static concept. It already happens, yet just a drop in the ocean of people really understand it and even less know how to create it. One final frame (or even a few out of hundreds), would be 3D printed to present to the client. That is where I am heading now.

It is not easy to show dynamic parametrism in static renders, pictures or sketches. It is much more powerful and clear to present your ideas through animations. That is why my Vimeo account will be successfully updated with my recent works, algorhitmic patterns and shapes, that could contribute to most modern architectural design. Check it out! Other social networks below.

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