Parametric design 2014 - 2015 - 2016

Modular office facade

Description: As a matter of fact - parametric design is so much more practical, then most of people might think. Usually, parametrism is envisioned as a complicated, fluid structure, which is super expensive and difficult to build. However, that is just a false impression given by the final result. In fact - parametric design simplifies and accelerates a design process by stripping all geometry into simple, measurable components. All the parts of the structure can be prefabricated. All what is left is just to assamble these parts on the construction site. The best opportunity is in using so called "Multifunctional facade system", which combines parts of wall, windows, insulation layers, heating systems and what not. The building becomes a game of puzzles just to be merged altogether. The design showed below is a concept for the South Pudong Offices in Shanghai. The project was mainly urban planning. Still, I found a bit of time to propose an architectural direction, that the client might take for the realization design.

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