Parametric design 2014 - 2015 - 2016

Nodes+circles combinations

Description: Inspired by one picture of a sketch made by robot, I started working on an interesting code. The sketch depicted a lot of joints made by circular curves. It made me think, wheather having a few attractive spots in an urban plan can specify one, perfect scheme of routes. These let's call them "paths" would be the one combination out of hundreds, thousands other combinations. The best combination, most practical and efficient one. Probably - the most beautiful one too. I still did not get the code I was looking for, however I managed to achieve some interesting results while trying. The pictures below show as following: 1 - the spots linked by the straight vectors, 2 - the most probable connections between these spots, the "strongest" ones, 3 - all probable connections between these points.

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Project_1 Project_2 Project_3