Parametric design 2014 - 2015 - 2016

Sea quest: wavy chain

Description: When I went to Philippines for a vacation in winter 2015, I was amazed like never before by what I have seen underneath the water surface. There - in depths of lagoons and what not - I witnessed coral reef and sea world creatures living in such beautiful environment - colorful, complexed - but super logical and responsive. Clearly - I started to think about it in architectural way. I can't stop thinking about the "the nature of code" and "code of the nature". I think we, designers, can recreate DNA's and codes of a living things on our planet and use it for the new kind of design - in architectural, industrial or other kind of way. Already such thinking exists - this part of science is called Mimicry. I am trully fascinated and ethusiastic about pursuing that. Much more codes based on the sea world will come in the future. The design below was made for one public space urban planning project in Shanghai: Hengshan Road Corner Plaza .

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