Parametric design 2014 - 2015 - 2016

Silky Louvers

Description: While working at team+, I have developed a quick concept for the skin of the Shopping Mall in Ningbo. It supposed to be smart-budget design, so I made 8 different louvers that are repeating in sequences. Still, because of the curved shape of the facades, it is hardly distinguishable and seems unique and smooth at every spot. Additionally, the advertisement boards were placed perpendicularly to the facade on the random heights, perfectly matching the curvature of the louvers. Probably a new standard of advertising the mall. Almost forgot - I quickly studied a few combinations of louvers' curvatures - some stronger, some milder. The best effect could be chosen democratically by the whole team. Sometimes the possibilities are so many, that one can get into the trap of taking the right choice in a short time...

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